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Important Note: At present we are providing only Door-Step Services as we do not have studio in London

What is Tantra

Tantra Therapy lies on the principles of geophysical science of magnetism. The human body, such like the earth has some particular magnetic points inside it . in modern medical science these points are named as GLANDS which ooze out diffrent types of hormones responsible for diffrent mental and physical effects such as stress, anger, tiredness, happiness, frustration, anxiety, hopefulness and other psychological state of our body. Maharishi Patanjali, The founder of Yoga Science has discovered and described these points as CHAKRAS. According to Yoga Science, whenever these chakras are awakened by opposite magnetic power they get aroused and radiate magnetic waves. Also these magnetic waves can be controlled, made to flow in desired direction and accumulated on the spot in demand. Since Magnetic waves contain energy hence we can attract, trap, or stream out the geophysical energy of human body system according to our need and desired goodness.

Be-filled positivity

Tantra removes negative energy and fill positive energy which helps you to see your routine problems as a simple puzzle you always enjoy to solve.

Heal your mind

Tantra is done through a feathery light touches which gives you immense pleasure of your body. it activates almost maximum cells of your body to feel lavished soul.

Rejuvenate your body

Tantra is worked through regulating hormonal release to restore its health. it's been proved the best naturopathy to heal when all other methods goes failed.

Our Products

Healing Shower (30 Min) GBP 150

Trivial Tantra (60 Min) GBP 150

Full Body Tantra (90Min) GBP 250

Distint Tantra (120 Min) GBP 300

Four Hand Tantra (90 Min) GBP 350

Four Hand Contingent (120 Min) GBP 450

Energy Palpation (Nuru) (60 Min) GBP 270

Energy Advanced (Nuru) (90 Min) GBP 360

Tantra Ritual (4 Hours) GBP 1000

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